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Both of our family trees have roots in Kent, long famed as the Garden of England with its beautiful green rolling farmlands resplendent with hop gardens, orchards, oast houses and ancient woodlands as well as its stunningly varied coastline.

With such a diverse landscape it is easy to see why our Kentish ancestors were engaged in so many different trades. From the Agricultural Labourers working the land to the workers of the Faversham Gunpowder Factory and Brickmaking industries, not to mention the various Seafaring occupations from Sailors and Stokers in the Navy to Fishermen and Bargemen.

With its proximity to the sea as well as its easy access, bordering East Sussex, Surrey as well as the River Thames Estuary and Essex, its' no surprise that Kent is traditionally known as the gateway to places further afield. Our family history certainly reflects this with our ancestors departing for Yorkshire to become Miners, or sailing into Irish ports where they have found love and new pastures green, as well adventurers working their passage to Australia or jumping ship in Gibraltar.

Conversely, Patrick's ancestors settled in Kent having travelled from London and as far away as Ireland. Patrick's family history extends from around the Medway area of Kent in particular the historic Chatham dockyard and Isle of Sheppey to the beautiful Glanmire area of Cork and rural Galway in Ireland. See the Places link on the left for more detail about these localities. Discover the Irish roots of Patrick's ancestors at the end section of this web page.

Our 'Kentish Roots Genealogy' page will give a more detailed account of our two family trees.


Kentish Roots

main imageThis website is the portal to Patrick and Karen's Family Trees and has been created to display genealogy data as well as an array of interesting media including all types of records, narrative histories, photos and historical images which we have gathered about the lives of our ancestors and their families.

For instance, this photo depicts a typical kentish scene of an oasthouse and orchard with fruit trees in blossom just like where Karen's Faversham Hop and Fruit Picker Grandparents would have worked.

Karen's family history is deeply rooted for centuries in the East Kent area from the market town of Faversham to the Cathedral City of Canterbury and all the rural surrounding areas in between including the historic Cinque Port towns of Sandwich, Ramsgate and Deal as well as the picturesque Wealden towns and villages.

See below four key Kentish places where Karen's ancestors worked and lived.

You can see more photos of East Kent, The Weald of Kent and Medway areas on our Genealogy Page.




Our Family History research sets importance on the places where our Ancestors worked and lived as it is often key to illuminating and understanding their indivdual and family narratives.

See our Place Profiles




See our Family and People Profiles. These are short narratives about the lives of key Families and Individual ancestors. Just click on the tiny 'Thumb' image to read their story.

See our Genealogy Projects page for more detail on our separate family histories and many related subjects such as Occupations, Places and our Military and Maritime ancestors.

Kentish Places

Associated with our Ancestors


Listed Grade I Union Smock Mill overlooks this Wealden historic Market Town.

The TOLHURST family have been traced back to Cranbrook where John Tolhurst was baptised in 1698 married in 1727 and buried there in 1751.

Faversham Creek


View of the Oyster House on Faversham Creek

A Grade II listed building built mid 19th century. Once housed the United Fertiliser Company where Uncle Brian TOLHURST worked in the 1970s.

Charing North Downs

Charing North Downs

An area of outstanding natural beauty countryside near village of Charing.

John BUTLER was baptised in 1754 at Charing Parish Church and married Sarah MORGAN there in 1779.

Canterbury Cathedral City

Canterbury Cathedral City

An important centre of pilgrimage in Medieval times.

Where BELSEY family of builders and bricklayers lived. John BELSEY's death cert. of 1889 records him as a Bricklayer Master of Havelock St.

IRELANDbottom image

Patrick’s paternal Irish EGAN ancestry stems from County Galway and his maternal Irish LINEHAN line from County Cork. Patrick’s father was born at rural Liscuill near the town of Ballygar, County Galway. He emigrated to London and worked as a Blitz Fireman during the war. Sometime afterwards he settled with his wife and family in Kent.



Some Irish Ancestors ……

LINEHAN Coat of Armsbottom image

Patrick’s grandmother Hannah Josephine LINEHAN eloped from Cork to the Isle of Sheppey in Kent to marry Clifford Henry BANKS, a Royal Navy Sailor, who came from the Medway area. They married at the RC Church situated along the Bay at Sheerness.


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